Mr. & Mrs. in Paris – Fête de la Musique

~ June 2015 ~

While on the road to Paris, the night before we arrived, one of our friends from Paris said it’s the perfect day to arrive because Fète de la Musique is happening that day… ^_^

She promised to walk us around Paris where all the fun will be happening and meet us around 5-6pm.

The co-incidence is perfect!

Because our Paris Pass starts THE DAY AFTER we arrived so we have free uneventful day before our “planned” adventure starts…

TIP: I do not know whether all Paris Pass are like this, but our 4-Day Paris Pass has a 5-Day Travel Card. We did not realise this until after we bought Travelcards on the day we arrived. But it’s ok, we used the extra day on our Travelcards AFTER our Paris Pass expired on our actual departure day. So make sure to plan WHEN to use your extra day on your Travelcard (before or after your Paris Pass activation) because the first day you use your Travelcard will be counted as Day 1, and the days are counted consecutively.

The Fête de la Musique, also known as Make Music Day or World Music Day, is an annual music celebration taking place every 21st of June.

This was originated by the French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang. In 1982, he discovered from a study of the cultural habits of 5 million French that one in two children played an instrument. In the same year, this discovery inspired him to start Fête de la Musique in order to promote music and bring people together out in the streets. Ever since, the festival has become an international phenomenon, celebrated on the same day in more than 700 cities in 120 countries, including Germany, Italy, Greece, Russia, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, the United States, and Japan.

The festival catered for different genres of music, mostly in French and some English songs were played too.

A lot of restaurants and establishments take this festival for granted and hire bands to play in front of their business to attract costumers.

It was easier for us to move around during the festival because we had friends who are locals with us to guide us around.

TIP: If ever you land on Paris on this day of the year and would want to check out cool bands and DJs, just go to places where the main tourist attactions are, like: Notre Dame, Sienne River, Trocadero, etc.

It was a fun experience to witness this festival, to see and hear French music and culture is one of the highlights of our Parisian holiday… ❤

What a good start of our celebration! 🙂

That’s it for now… Stay safe everyone!!! Cheers!!! ^_^

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Mr. & Mrs. in London – Magnum Experience

~ July 2015 ~

Every summer, Selecta opens up a ‘Pop-Up’ shop for design-your-own Magnum ice creams, called Magnum Pleasure Store.

They usually last only for a couple of months.
Last year (2014), they opened their pop-up store in Selfridges in Oxford Circus, and by the time I knew about it, they were already gone… 😦
So now, I am so glad I managed to experience ‘designing’ my own Magnum.
Honestly, I am not a major fan of Magnum ice cream.

I like Ben and Jerry’s more.

I recently had Gelato from Amorino in Paris, and that tasted way better than all my other ice cream experiences.
I remember years ago when Magnum became such a huge trend in the Philippines.
During that time, I hopped on to the bandwagon just because of all the hype and tried a Magnum for the first time…

and I wasn’t WOWED by it.

It looks and tastes like plain ice cream.

What I like about ice cream is the toppings and the other bits that is in it.
And since Magnum is letting us pick our own toppings, I thought maybe that good looking ice cream will wow my taste buds.

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But unfortunately, it didn’t. 😦

As usual, it really JUST looks good.
It tasted OK, but not WOW.

But still, it’s worth the experience.

If by any chance you are in London, just pop in Covent Garden Market North Piazza…
(next to the Royal Opera House entrance)

They are open until about 8-9pm.
That’s it for now… Stay safe everyone!!! 


~ Mrs. Travel Buddies

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Mr. & Mrs. in Paris – TRAILER

~ June 2015 ~

This is our second time in Paris together, but this is the first time we visit Paris as Husband and Wife…

My recently-turned-17 sister is a guest traveller and as you have watched in the video above, the reason for our trip is to celebrate two birthdays…

Kisha’s (Mrs. Travel Buddies) 27th Birthday and her sister’s (Sam)17th birthday.

We stayed at a hotel 5 mins away from Gare du Nord station for 5 nights.

TIP: Do not book hotels in this area unless you are willing to pay what you have bargained for

We planned on exploring Paris central and a little bit of it’s outskirts, so we purchased a 4-Day Paris Pass for the three of us… This pass gave us access to almost all attractions in Paris.

Our Paris Pass was activated on our second day in Paris because as we have thought, our travel from London to Paris by Megabus will be a little bit tiring…

Therefore, we needed half of the day re-energising ourselves… 🙂

TIP: When purchasing the Paris Pass, do an unfinished transaction 3-4 months before your trip. Make sure you put your email for future deals and discounts. Usually, they will send you a 10% discount code for finishing your purchase within 3-4 weeks of your unfinished purchase.

We took the Megabus from London to Paris because first, it’s way cheaper, the night bus will get us to paris very early in the morning, and we just want to try how the bus from London to Paris feels like…

TIP: If you are not a British or EU Citizen, make sure to email Megabus for a Visa Form. Because despite the fact that they ask for all your personal details and passport numbers during booking bus tickets with them, the Megabus tickets is just an email that you need to print which does not have the passenger names and passport numbers. 

And since all non-EU citizens will need a Schengen visa to get in to France, you will need to provide a ticket with your name and passport number or else the French embassy will turn you away and you will need to book another appointment.

If you are having difficulties regarding this issue, do not hesitate to contact us for some help.

The journey from London to Paris is better than I expected. The bus itself is well maintained and have normal sized seats (well, atleast for small people like us). The three of us sat in the upper deck’s front window seats so we had a good view until it got really dark at night. The leg room on this part of the bus are a bit better than others as well.

I will be posting our journey in Paris one entry per day in Paris, because there are just so much fun stuff and tips that we would like to share, and putting them all in one post will become very boring…

So this are the topics that you guys can look forward to:

Féte de la Musique

Musée de Lourve

Ladurée & Hard Rock Cafe

Big Bus Tour

Chateau de Versailles

Central City Tour 

(River Siene Boat Tour, Montparnasse Tower, Moulin Rouge, Montmarte, Funicular, Salvador Dali, Arc de Triomphe, and Eiffel Tower)

That’s it for now… Stay safe everyone!!! Cheers!!! ^_^ ❤

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